Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.


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The Trials


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Option B


It’s been 18 months since a new strain of the Mutaba virus swept the earth, taking most of humanity with it. The dwindling population is struggling to survive with the limited resources and lack of familiar infrastructure. Some people have managed to band together and find/create adequate villages. Some complete with most of the modern comforts that had been thought long gone by most. Gaining entry into some of these camps is as easy as proving to be a productive member. Entry into others is another story.

Camp Stayner:

This camp falls into the other story. Entry into this camp requires that prospective entrants participate in the “The Trials”. The Trials are where entrants are placed. There they must demonstrate their worth to the Camp. Skills such as scavenging, cooperation, combat prowess, and bartering are what is required for acceptance, but only if they survive.

Gametype – Survival:

You’ve been on the road for months and have limited supplies. You decide that it’s worth the risk of The Trials in order to join Camp Stayner.

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